The Times They are a Changin’

Over the past several months there have been many changes therefore adaptability was a necessity.  My website received an overhaul and has been renamed.  I no longer have to balance work and family.  Being home with the boys has been wonderful for me and for them.  I have worked for over 30 years and it is time to take a break and spend time with the ones that actually can appreciate my time and efforts.

I had worked for my previous employer since 1992 in varying jobs.  My last position was for approximately five years.  I worked hard and worked long hours and sacrificed time with my children and husband.  I would tell myself it was for the good of future opportunities.  In the end I was paid a decent wage and received above average performance ratings.

Last September, a day before a weeks’ vacation, I was notified that my position was being eliminated but I would need to work the next sixty days in order to collect my severance.  Since my package was worth 28 weeks of my salary there was no question I had to stay and fulfill my obligation. 

Last spring I notified my manager that I would be looking to post for another position within the company.  He was getting ridiculous in what he was asking me to work on and certainly was not securing a job for me in the future.  The projects I was working on were merely a back door to get items done that he didn’t want to go through the correct channels.  Keep in mind he had made promises of delivery of these items prior to seeking approval or verifying available resources.  In the end he still has a job and I don’t.  The difference is I know I did the right things and rose above the situation and fulfilled each and every obligation.  What goes around comes around.

Last year I offered to go on a business trip.  My boss had asked and I was happy to assist.  I found out later that most people just didn’t want to travel during the holidays. I paid the ultimate consequence.  I missed Walker’s first grade winter concert.  Ten years from now I probably won’t remember the reason for the business trip but I will always remember I missed his concert.  There are some things that just aren’t worth the price.

So in the end I figured I would either find a more desirable job or get to stay home with the kids for awhile.  Either way I win, right?  Well that is the way I chose to see it and now I am home with the boys until further notice.  I have worked for the past 30 years and it’s time to take a break and enjoy the kids while they are young.  I am sure I will be working again at some point in my life but for now let my kids enjoy and appreciate my efforts.  I will miss many people I worked with but certainly not all of them. 

For years many of us hear that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.  I am here to tell you that it isn’t always greener but in this particular case… it is.

2 thoughts on “The Times They are a Changin’

  1. Good for you!Life is all about choices and perspective. And doing what feels right in our hearts.I am still working on that last one – I essentially know what I want (work-wise), just not quite how to get from here to there. But back to you … change is always hard, even when it works out for the best in the end. So keep on keepin’ on.One suggestion though … we would like to see you here a little moe often. Posting. On the blog. 😉


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