It Happened in 3’s…

They always say that things happen in 3’s.  And this… was no exception. 

Two weeks ago a very good friend of the family passed away.  He was the vet that used to come to the farm every other week.  Needless to say I have known him just about my whole life.  My dad would take us up camping in upstate New York to his cabin for long weekends.  Very rustic this was.  No electricity and only out houses.  He was one of the kindest gentleman I have ever known.

The very same week my best friends grandmother passed away.  Nana was an extraordinary woman in her own time.  She was far beyond her peers in forward thinking and appreciated the important things in life.  Services were for family only but I was honored to be included in that category.  It is never easy to see a good friend grieve but I was glad that I was able to be there to help ease the pain and remember some of the fond memories.  I knew her almost as long as my own grandmother.

Third but not least and not to compare to the passing of a friend or family member but last week, the night after the first day of school our beloved dog of 15 years passed away in her sleep.  We knew is was coming but you can never prepare yourself for this.  I have to say it was harder having the conversation with my six year old that night.  I have never had to have the death discussion and what happens after.  I tried to explain to him once we gave the news to the boys that Lucy was in a better place.  She wasn’t sick anymore and she got to play with all of her dog friends.  He was quite sad and explained that he was worried about Lucy.  How do you help your child with closure on such a subject?

So I am thoroughly convinced that things whether good or bad happen in 3’s.

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