Valley Falls

As fall quickly apporaches the lazy days of summer come to an end.  On Saturday we ordered the back packs for school and bought the kids new sneakers and shoes.  We decided it was time to do something fun with the kids.  We went to a nearby lake in our town where there is a small beach and water for the kids to play in.  My husband and I realized that we had not taken the boys to the beach at all this summer.  Too many projects and too little time stood in our way.  I must have taken about 120 pictures that day and this is one of my favorites.  For a few more photos you can browse my gallery.

Per request of fellow blogger Kris in New England here is Mr. Crankypants.  He isn’t one for fingerpainting or using glue (unless it is a gluestick). So needless to say sand is just plain messy but sandcastles need to be made.

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