The List

As our summer party quickly approaches the outstanding list of things to get done starts to diminish. It is pretty amazing how these things that have been on “the list” for years somehow get done when written down and you have a deadline. We love throwing this party every year. For us, it is a ure way of getting alot of projects done.  It is not a tremendous amount of people for this party but enough to make it interesting. All ages and background come together and share stories.

Here is a sample of some of the things we had to get done.

  1. paint deck
  2. touch up paint inside house
  3. paint kitchen (keep in mind we had to take down the wallpaper and spackle the crap out of the walls)
  4. clean screens
  5. chop wood
  6. week hill & side gardens
  7. replace plexyglass & screen for door to deck
  8. sweep below patio
  9. attach tikki torches to deck (not recommended but we do it anyways – fire extinguisher always nearby)
  10. plant perennials
  11. fill in flowers with annuals
  12. deck door – paint
  13. storage door – paint
  14. fix floor
  15. get invitations
  16. replace light fixtures – kitchen
  17. replace bath faucet
  18. replace rugs in kitchen
  19. clean patio
  20. weed-be-gone patio / parking place
  21. songlist for party
  22. CD for party gifts
  23. make strawberry /peach
  24. print labels for CD’s
  25. replace both door bells and chime

So this is just a sample of our list and most of them are done. Needless to say some are quick and some are long and involved.  The kitchen is finally painted – Summer Pudding.  For those who don’t know what summer pudding looks like – it’s cranberry.  We did however, change the light fixtures in our kitchen by ourselves. For those who read the previous entry know that is a huge accomplishment this is for us.  Keep in mind that the first light in the kitchen took six attempts for it was a success.

So now all we have to do is go grocery shopping, make the food and gift bags then bring the kids down to my in-laws at the beach.  If we aren’t too exhaused by Saturday we should have a great time.

One thought on “The List

  1. Let me be the first to say – We had a great time!! Glad we could "close" this year’s party with you. Thanks for hosting another really terrific bash!!


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