Down for the Count


I know most of us would do absolutely anything for our children.  But yes… even I… have my limits.  Crying in the middle of night and need consoling… I am there – count me in.  Fall down and hurt yourself and you bleed and need to be cleaned up, sewn up and tears dried… no problem – I’m all over that. 

The line is drawn when they vomit in the middle of the night all over themselves and hold their little arms out searching for a consoling hug.  Well it was about 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning when we heard the cries of Peyton.  We stir and rise up with the sleep still in our eyes to find that he had in fact thrown up all over his bed and crib.  Rich lifts him out and he comes running to me.  I look down at his sad little confused face to see that he didn’t manage to miss himself.  How do you explain to the little man that you love him very much but can’t bring yourself in giving him that much wanted hug until after he is cleaned up.  So I quickly go to work on having him put his arms above his head and pull the sleeves up to free his arms.  One free and one more to go.  I am desperately trying to free his other arm and tugging and pulling aren’t getting the job done.  Remember tears in his eyes and sleep is still in mine.  His bottom lip is now quivering.  I better hurry.  I look down only to find that the reason why his jammies seem a little snug and his second arm not coming out is the mere simple fact that he has footy pajamas on.  I swiftly unzipped the front and got him changed into clean clothes, bed was changed and rug cleaned (all before 3:15 a.m.).

No fever but just feeling yucky.  I stayed home to nurse the little one back to health.  The picture featured gives you an idea of how he sleeps.  He pulls the blankets over his head and rubs the satin between his fingers.

6 thoughts on “Down for the Count

  1. I wonder – did mommy give Peyton something icky before bedtime, to guarantee blog-fodder for the next day? :-)Seriously, he’s had a rough time of it lately – hope he’s getting back to his old adorable self.


  2. Little sweety.But oh, how I hated those middle of the night vomits. And trying to clean up the mess and get the kid calmed down and back to a clean bed. All with sleep in your eyes. No way they ever got hugged until they were cleaned up. BTW trying to pull the arms out of the footy jammies … priceless. Exactly the kind of thing I would do! Hope he’s feeling better now.And everyone has caught up with their sleep.


  3. I love the picture and especially the description. I could picture the whole scene. I am willing to hug vomit. Sort of. If I have to.


  4. Squarespace ate my first comment…….which isn’t relevent now that Peyton is feeling all better. So happy Valentine’s Day to the Handsome Harrigan Boys! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO-The Lovely Other Dinosaur


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