My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

my-sisters-keeper-lg.jpgI don’t formally belong to a book club but often take suggestions from friends on great books to read.  I have listed just a few of my favorites here.  I gave my most recent list to my husband for book suggestions for Christmas.  He was able to find two of the three.  I ended my Christmas vacation with beginning the book "My Sister’s Keeper" by Jodi Piccoult.  For those who haven’t read it by all means go out and buy it and read it.  It is always hard to find the time to read but I found myself engrossed with the ethical dilemmas that she proposed in this book.  The book begins with the healthy 13 year old obtaining the services of an attorney.  She no-longer wanted to be the donor for her sister who was diagnosed with leukemia.  Kate would surely die without the donations that Anna has given all of her life.  The ethical dilemma presents itself when you find out that Kate was diagnosed at the young age of 2.  She already had an older brother but there was no match for Kate at the time of her diagnosis.  The only way to possibly have a perfect match was to utilize a sibling.  The parents then decided they would have another child – Anna.  The love of the sister’s is so great it is hard to measure.  Anna has undergone major surgeries and multiple hospital stays when she wasn’t even sick.

I strongly urge you to read this compelling and emotionally charged story of how a family deals with life and death decisions.  I would love to hear what others thought of this book

6 thoughts on “My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Piccoult

  1. I love Jodi Picoult – her books are always thought-provoking. She never shies away from sensitive subjects, like teen suicide, the eugenics of the early 20th century, school shootings and rape.This book is one of her best – with such a twisted ending that it leaves you breathless. Just incredible.


  2. I’ll have to add it to my "must read" list. I unfortunately go out and splurge on a bunch of books at once, can’t read them all, put them somewhere, can’t find them and then start the process all over again. In my save money in 2008 mode I am trying to hold off on my shopping, but I will definitely get this one – have heard it was great from many people. Thanks for the nod. Maybe I’ll ask for it for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says romance like a good book that I can bury my nose in and ignore the husband LOL!!


  3. Now if ONLY I had someone willing to loan me this book. Someone that knows I can finish it in less than 24 hours and return it. Sigh.


  4. I don’t know what i thought about that book. I have a love/hate thing for Jodi Picoult.It was really interesting to read but I kept wondering if a sister donor would be going through so much hardship. Was it medically correct? And have you noticed that every paragraph in a Picoult book seems to end with a dramatic statement by somebody?


  5. Suzanne,From what I understand from many people she does quite an extensive amount of research. I can certainly understand the love/hate relationship. She talks about the things that are tough to talk about and are real to many.


  6. Alright, if the write-up didn’t do it, the reviews certainly have me interested. I’ll be checking this one out soon. Hopefully our little library has it in stock. Thanks for the suggestion.


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