What’s so funny?

dsc_00015843%20Revised.jpgLooking at this picture you may want to know what is so funny.  Some of you may know that my youngest goes through speech therapy once a week in the birth to three program.  His speech therapist comes to the house every week at 7:30 AM.  She comes to the door with her colored bag of goodies.  She is a wonderful speech therapist that I can’t imagine Peyton learning as much as he has without her.  Both of my children get so excited to let her in when she comes knocking on the door.  She gets right down on the floor to start "playtime."  Little does Peyton know how much he is learning with the games they play.  He has come so far since he started this program.  For more pictures click here.

In this picture Amy was playing a game and he was laughing so hard that his face turned red and he could hardly breath.  It was the uncontrollable laughter that makes your belly jiggle.  There is no drug or therapy that can take the place of a child’s’ contagious laughter.

6 thoughts on “What’s so funny?

  1. Great pictures!When the early interventionist use to come to our house, she was officially known as the "toy lady". And although Jessica didn’t talk much at the time, she sure could make a dive for that bag before the poor girl could even put it down.


  2. I can officially agree that your speech therapist is truly wonderful. I was blown away with how much she achieved with Eric after just six months. Peyton looks like he is having a ball with her!! She is so great with the kids and produces such results. Great pictures too – you can practically hear him laughing through the computer!


  3. I am honored, thrilled and flattered by your nice comments! There is no better way to start the day than with a hot cup of coffee, a good friend and a darling boy who makes me laugh too! I adore you all! See you in the morning.Amy


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