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For years before I even had children I heard about the "Soccer Mom".  Well I am officially one at last.

It was a beautiful autumn day here in New England.  This was the perfect excuse to get out and get some fresh air.  So I am sitting there with iced tea in one hand and camera in the other.  Because as most of you know I try to never miss a photo op.  So for the first practice they did their laps around the field and then started to do their warm up exercises.  I think I burst out laughing a little too hard when it came to the jumping jacks.  Needless to say he needs alot of practice.  I was able to get some shots when they were doing their practice drills. 

So I am back sitting on the sideline just watching walker enjoy being a part of his new found activity.  As far as I am concerned as long as he is having fun I am satisfied.  Needless to say there are a few of the parents on the sidelines that take this a little too seriously.  They are yelling from the sidelines to their kids on their field.  I just shake my head and keep watching.  DSC_00285111.JPG

If you want to know where the ball is just follow the cluster of kids.  They put Walker on defense this past week.  You know you are in trouble when the coach explains to the kids, "Okay if you are wearing a red shirt and the person with the ball has a red shirt… don’t take the ball away."  I guess it is back to basics.

10 thoughts on “Soccer Mom

  1. LOL at the couches tips to the players. It sounds all to familiar!!! I have been a soccer mom for two years now and I love every minute of it. Its like you said, if the kids is enjoying himself then I have fun. Lovely pictures!


  2. I loved being a soccer mom last year. I’m counting the days until being a cheerleading mom ends. Enjoy soccer while it’s still "instructional." Only too soon it all becomes competitive. BTW honk & wave when you drive down Regan Rd past Christopher Drive. (My brother was waving last week but I guess you missed him!) 😉


  3. Hey……. I left a really long post in response but apparently it went to the big Post-dryer in the sky. The gist was……. watching a first-year soccer practice is a lot like watching a litter of puppies fight over a new chew toy. It’s too funny to stop, and too cute to look away.


  4. To husband – I think you will have to wait a few more years for Peyton. He seems to have that heavy weight competitive edge.


  5. Husband, being a Football Dad is a lot like being a Soccer Mom: You stand with a lot of other parents on the sidelines watching a little scrum of gaily-colored kids move around the field like a giant amoeba. You wear a button that says "Peyton’s Dad." You bring granola bars and squeeze drinks once a month. And you feel stupid when you try to sell your son’s fund-raiser cookies to another parent who’s trying to sell his son’s fund-raiser cookies.Oh, and the conversatiopn on the ride home goes like this:"Son, you need to stay on your feet. Don’t fall down so much.""They’re tackling me.""No, I mean when your on the sidelines.""Why?""Because that’s just better to do.""Then why do we have to tackle guys?""Not on the sidelines.""Uh-huh. Jimmy tackled me on the sidelines. It was fun.""No, I mean … good game, son."


  6. Thanks Ron! I have seen this video and it is hilarious. Anyone reading this who hasn’t already seen it ,I strongly suggest that you check it out.As far as the advice to my son, I asked him why he wasn’t going to kick the ball. His matter-of-fact response was, "Because I just wanted to watch them". At least he isn’t picking dandelions in the field… yet. He does however, ask for a lifesaver after practice. He doesn’t even know the significance of that one. Anyone who remembers the ads will know what I am talking about.


  7. Husband – believe me when I say this…you want to wait to be a football dad. If you don’t believe me, come to Legion Field on Sunday at 3:00pm. There will be a whole lot of 7 & 8 year olds getting screamed at by coaches and most of the time the Dads/Moms too. I’m offended and I’m not one of the moms. I really hope Eric takes up the tuba or something…


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