No Lost Blocks… so far

Blocks.bmpFor those wondering… there have been no lost blocks yet this week.  I realize it is only Wednesday but I will take what I can get.  But let me tell you about the second part of this story that didn’t occur until Monday. 

I went to pick Walker up from Kindersmiles.  I was intercepted by the executive director.

"Oh, I am so glad I ran into you today."  She said with a smile and perkiness that could send you into a tizzy.  I thought to myself this can’t be good.

"Well… we have a new teacher today and all of the kids were testing her in every which way they could."  I felt a little relieved that he wasn’t alone in his task of testing the teachers.

"I said what were they doing?"  Apparently Walker and his best friend Timmy were being silly.  Normally I don’t think this is a problem and had to bite my tongue in order not to smile and at least pretend that I was taking her seriously.

"I had to take Walker and his friend Timmy into my office to talk with them."  I nodded in acknowledgment of what she was saying. 

Apparently the silliness got to the point that the boys were being a little disrespectful to the teacher.  Okay… I get it.  So anyways as the story unfolds she explained that after about ten minutes of talking to the boys in her office she decided that she lost the battle.  She gave up.  Ha… a little smile came to my face.  The boys were feeding off of each other in their silliness.  So  even her perkiness was minimized at this point.  Again I am trying not to laugh.  She explained that she told the boys that she would be talking to their parents.  I let her know that we would be enforcing the no silliness rule if not appropriate at the time.

So the next step was to have the talk with Walker.  The conversation goes like this.

"Walker, I thought we talked about the no silliness rule."

"Well mommy… I wasn’t silly at school."

I have been officially outsmarted by a five year old.  That one hurts.  He got me on a technicality. 


3 thoughts on “No Lost Blocks… so far

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I know that feeling of being outsmart"ed" by the kids … when I had a chat to the teacher I normally reserve my "comments" to my son for a day later – by then he had "forgotten" about the "silliness" and the lesson starts from scratch.Good luck with the blocks – hopefully your record still stands by the end of the week


  2. Reminds me so much of Tahira. She says the darnest things at the boiling point of our discipline session …this is when I am so emotionally confused (TO laugh or to just let it go) Our generation has become smarter with their answers.


  3. I’ve peeked at your blog twice today and it has changed each time. Are you doing this or are the blog gods playing around? When do we get b-day pics? Of course as I type it I realize that I haven’t looked to see if there are any new ones. Have a great day! 🙂


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