Safety Town

DSC_00014105.JPGWalker just finished the 3 and 4 ear old program at his school.  For children entering into kindergarten they have a program called Safety Town.  It meets everyday for 1 1/2 hours for an entire week.  It took the whole week but he now knows his phone number, address and was able to simulate a 911 call in case of an emergency.   The teachers ask the parents to come for the last day of class to see what their children have learned.  I now know that even though Walker knows what a stop sign is he doesn’t think it applies to big wheels in the play parking lot.   They also learn about stranger danger.  These are all things that are vital to keeping our children safe from harm.

We all hope that we can keep our children safe from all the awful things that happen out there but I am thankful that our town has such a program to teach our children safety. 

The program for Safety Town was cut from the town budget for this year.  Isn’t that just sad.  It is a program that numerous children go through and it provides an invaluable experience.   I know that we can’t watch over our children every minute of everyday.  Yes I am one of those paranoid parents but I swear I try not to hover.  But who can help it.  I dread the day that my children get their license to drive.  He didn’t do so well with the big wheel in the parking lot.  Well I have more than a few years to worry about that. 

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