There’s a Lion and Monkey in the House!!


DSC_00665672.JPGWell Halloween has come and gone and good time was had by all.  Being that Peyton is two we were all quite impressed that he made it to each and every house on the circle.  That is 24 houses people.  Quite the accomplishment for a two year old.  The concept of merely knocking on peoples door and they hand you food was his dearest dreams come true.  He was a toddler on a mission.

Walker was an old pro as he marched from house to house with his pumpkin bucket in hand.  The adults on the other hand could stay back and watch as our not so little ones went from door to door.

It is simply amazing how much they have all grown and how quickly time has passed.  I am thoroughly enjoying this time when they are little because before I know it they will be grown and off doing their own thing.