Walker Gears up for Kindergarten


Well we are going from Chuck E. Cheese to Kindergarten.  As every parent tells you cherish the moments because they grow up so quickly.  I would have to admit that is one of the reasons for the amount of photo’s I take of the kids.  Trying to capture a moment in time can leave you speechless.


Walker is gearing up to end his 2nd year at the CRS and begin kindergarten in the fall.   I believe that I will miss Walker’s teachers as much as he will.  We have been lucky in that they truly care about each and every one of their students and love to see them thrive.

Daffodil Days of Spring


For the past two years I have taken the boys to a nearby bank that has a small field of daffodils.  The only problem is Peyton is getting quicker every year.  The boys are good sports about their mother taking pictures but I have to admit my favorites are the ones when they aren’t watching.