California Fires

Fires.jpgWhen all is done and said we finally realize what is important. Many people have had to make choices of what to take and what to leave behind during the raging fires in southern California.

Many are packing their pictures, family mementos as well as survival necessities. There is one on my blog roll that is currently going through this horrific ordeal and has documented what is going on from an inside view.

Having lost a house myself when I was 13 you realize that houses can be rebuilt and clothes can be purchased. 

I know that I am not alone in sending everyone in Southern California my thoughts, prayers and hope for a speedy return to your homes. 


7 thoughts on “California Fires

  1. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to evacuate your home by a mandatory order – only taking with you what you can carry in your car(s). Yes things can be rebuilt and replaced, but what an emotional uncertainty it must be for them all.


  2. I cannot even imagine how horrific that must be, both for you when you were younger, and for those facing it now. I’m not sure how I would fit the kids, animals, and pictures in even my big-ass truck. So much would be left behind. 😦


  3. I am so excited to say that Lex and family are safely at their home (Sarah referenced them in the "inside view" link in her post above). They returned last night and slept there. The winds in his area have calmed down and he’s off to work today (his daughters and wife are home as schools are closed).At least there is some good news from a personal perspective. But – nearly 1,500 homes have been destroyed and over 500,000 people are still evacuated.


  4. Glad to hear that your friend is home. We will all continue to pray for the winds to die down and the rains to come. But not so much and so quickly that mudslides come behind it!Can’t imagine losing a home like that. How to choose what stays and what goes, although if the kids, the husband and the dog go – then all else could be lost. Probably not replaced, but as long as the family is together, nothing else matters. Good luck to all in the path of the fires.


  5. Fires horrify me, having lost friends on two separate occasions in house fires, and nearly losing my husband when we fought a raging barn fire at a neighboring farm many years ago. I can’t imagine what the folks living in the San Diego have gone through – and continue to go through.


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