Scratched Cornea

D8CAUY27IWCA4MVZ1XCAXL69LJCAU7N9KECA23JFFLCAV73GPYCAH3PAH1CAUBA3D1CA3E7W6RCA9ISZQSCA88UH46CAMN45LXCALWIQ1ACAG5Z8UYCA4OBGS9CAWRG026CAZKN8JRCACMOFZ9CAZDATAM.jpgIf anyone has had a scratched cornea they know how it feels.  Here I am 5:30 in the morning and thinking that this piece of whatever (feels like glass) will eventually wash out of my eye.  After 7 hours  I gave up and went to the doctor.

To sum it up:

The price of the visit to the eye specialist – $25

The price of the prescription to go with the visit – $10

The price of the feeling when they put the numbing agent in my eye…





9 thoughts on “Scratched Cornea

  1. Remember that’s what happened to poor Abby at the Woodstock fair two years ago? That poor kid cried ALL night until we could get her into the Dr.’s office the next morning. Scratched Corneas HUUUURT.I’m glad you’re feeling better.


  2. I think Dave had one of those once courtesy of Garcia. I hope I never have to go through that! Hopefully you’re on the mend.


  3. Yes all is well with the eyes. They now have these contacts that act like bandaids after they put the drops in. It was working the rest of the afternoon on the computer that was quite tough… not to mention a little blurry.


  4. Thanks for looking in on my picture, I know how it is and bit more went in cornea implant and started to take picture again :icerock


  5. oh, i wish you a very speedy recovery! corneal tears are incredibly painful. i once received a tear across the entire length of my cornea due to a botched laser surgery. it was painful, like a knife was stuck in my eye. but it was also a bizarre experience–the feeling of having something in your eye is really strange!my best to you!


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